How to make the best Greek salad?

Onion's FAQs

I have special food preferences (vegetarian/ vegan/ food allergies). Can I have the class?

Yes, you can. We will accommodate your needs if alerted 24 hours ahead of time.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?

The minimum number of participants is two and we can offer a hands-on experience for up to 12 people. You will be meeting more people taking the class, perhaps from different countries and age groups, unless you need a private lesson. If you want a private lesson, please, let us know, we can make it happen (at an extra cost) if we have no reservations for the day you want.

How old should I be to participate?

Teenagers are welcome, children can either participate, supervised by their parents or will have their colours to draw Greek themes, supervised by a member of Onion Studio, if you let us know 24 hours ahead that you need this service.

Is there something that I should bring with me?

Be prepared to stand for some time (and walk, if you have chosen to take our market walk as well) - so, wear your most comfortable shoes. Bring your smile as well, you are about to meet new friends!

Something came up. Can I cancel my class?

Yes, you can cancel your class, and you will get a full refund, if you let us know 24 hours ahead.

We are a large group of people. Can we participate in one of your classes?

The more the merrier! Please let us know more information about what you want to learn and experience and let us design your own greek cooking party!